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If you have a question related to air duct cleaning and HVAC unit maintenance, then check out this list of FAQs our experts took the time to answer.

What are the signs that the air ducts require cleaning?

If you can see and feel more dust in the rooms despite weekly vacuuming and cleaning, then the HVAC ducts should be cleaned. Similarly, if your family members sneeze and cough more often, this is a sign that there are too many irritating particles in the indoor air. Musty smell coming from the HVAC register could signal mold growth which should be removed as soon as possible.

How often should HVAC fiberglass air filters be replaced?

These are the most basic mechanical filters available and they typically have the lowest efficiency rating. That is why they tend to get dirty more quickly. It is recommended that you change these air filters every three months. You may also want to inspect them more frequently so that you can replace them sooner, if necessary.

How often should I get my air ducts cleaned?

According to our experts, homeowners should get their air ducts professionally cleaned at least every year. Households with pets that shed plenty of hair may opt to get their air ducts cleaned more frequently. If your  home has recently been renovated you may also want to get your ductwork cleaned sooner than you normally would.

What is the best solution if my HVAC air ducts are contaminated by pests?

The first step is to get rid of all pests. The next one is to run full inspection of the air ducts. If there is damage, timely repair or replacement is required, depending on how bad the damage is. Then the air ducts will need full cleaning. The final step is to take measures for preventing future infestation.

Do you clean chimney from top or bottom?

Malibu experts typically clean chimneys from the top to ensure effective removal of debris.

What does a dirty chimney smell like?

Malibu residents may notice a strong, unpleasant odor indicating the need for chimney cleaning.

How many fires before a chimney sweep?

Malibu homeowners are advised to schedule a chimney sweep after approximately 50 fires to prevent buildup.


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