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We eliminate all air duct contaminants and take measures for future protection.

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Count on us to clean the air ducts and other major components of your HVAC system.

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We offer unbeatable prices and ongoing savings through higher HVAC efficiency.

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Our team can do it all- from simple to complex air duct cleaning jobs.

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Our experts clean, sanitize, and repair air ducts in homes and commercial buildings.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty or clogged air ducts have the potential to cause real problems. To find out more about the issues you might encounter, and how these can be avoided, just click here.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It's important that you pay attention to the warning signs of a clogged dryer vent. Count on our company to help you identify trapped lint, clean your vent and help you prevent a fire.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system needs regular servicing and maintenance to ventilate pure, contaminant-free air. Click here to find out how we can help your ducts operate without obstructions.


Attic Cleaning and Insulation

Attic Cleaning and Insulation

In addition to cleaning your attic we can install new installation, remove and replace the old, and much more! Click here for more about our services.


HVAC Unit Cleaning

HVAC Unit Cleaning

Rather than spend an arm and a leg on HVAC cleaning services, get the best available from our professionals at a fair price! We’ll take care of it no time. Click here for more!


Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning

Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning

Transform your home into a haven of warmth and safety with Air Duct Cleaning Malibu's premier Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning services. Our expert technicians specialize in comprehensive chimney maintenance, ensuring a clean, efficient, and hazard-free fireplace experience. Trust us to elevate your home comfort – click here to explore our specialized services now.

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Your Local Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

Increased costs and potential health risks - these are just two of the most common problems associated with blocked air ducts. Don’t let your home or business premises suffer from these issues; contact Air Duct Cleaning Malibu to arrange professional ventilation cleaning services in your area. With a local team that’s ready to help anywhere from Central Malibu over to nearby Malibu Lagoon, you’ll get fast, expert air duct service when you need it.

Blocked Ducts Cost You Money

Let’s say you’ve got blocked air ducts or vents in your Western Malibu home over summer. It’s hot, and you turn the A/C on to try and keep cool. Unfortunately, as the air blows through the ductwork, it’s disrupted by the blockage, and can’t blow through as quickly. By the time it reaches your room the air has warmed up, so you crank the A/C up even higher. The unit has to work harder to provide any cooling at all - that means you’re spending more money on energy, wearing out the expensive climate control unit faster, and your home still isn’t comfortable. With regular cleaning from the local experts at Air Duct Cleaning Malibu, you wouldn’t have any of these problems. Make sure your air ducts are kept in good condition by scheduling a cleaning and maintenance service appointment.

Health Hazards Of Blocked Vents

It’s not just increased energy costs that make blocked air vents a big problem. Insulation materials, mold, and vermin droppings can often be found in air ducts that aren’t regularly cleaned. The fibers, spores and other contaminants that these give off are then circulated through your property’s air system, and will be breathed in over and over again by the building’s inhabitants. Whether you’re a Central Malibu homeowner or a local business owner in Los Angeles, you can’t afford to ignore the respiratory problems that these contaminants can cause. Air Duct Cleaning Malibu is in your area, and is ready to provide fast, effective vent cleaning services at your property.

Check Your Property’s Indoor Air Quality

How do you know if your air ducts are blocked? You can’t really tell - spores and fibers are invisible to the naked eye, so you need the expert services of Air Duct Cleaning Malibu. Technicians will carry out a thorough analysis of the air quality in your building and advise you of any issues detected. You’ll then be able to schedule in-depth cleaning of your air ducts to resolve any problems they uncover.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Clean and healthy air ducts are important for a business just as much as they're important for a home. Your employees and customers' health is something you'll want to focus on for a multitude of reasons. Naturally, you care about their safety and wellbeing. But did you know that clean air ducts contribute to workflow and promote productivity? If people come into your store and feel the high air quality, they'll be more inclined to stay and enjoy the conditions. The same goes for employees. If it's easy to breathe the fresh air inside your commercial establishments, their work will improve as will their motivation. Air duct cleaning is important for many health reasons, but it's just as vital for employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Local Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint build-up can be a serious issue. This material is extremely flammable and can pose a fire hazard, as well as causing your dryer to work much less efficiently than normal. For dryer vent cleaning in the Malibu area, covering local towns like Los Angeles get in touch with Air Duct Cleaning Malibu and get affordable and high quality services.

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Problems with an air duct system can not only be costly, but dangerous as well. Our company understands this and performs thorough checks of your system to ensure your indoor air quality is optimal. The only thing you should be concerned with is the temperature setting. Let our specialists in Malibu take care of the rest.


Air Duct Cleaning Malibu

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We strive to deliver air duct cleaning and repair services of top quality. Check out our latest projects here.


Great job getting all of that rubbish (and less pleasant things) out of my house's ducts. Great service – there's a lot to thank you for!
Gina Graves
You did an awesome job cleaning my HVAC air ducts, sealing the leaks, and replacing the air filter. Your service exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and price.
Max Simpson
I’ve never seen my dryer vents cleaner than after you did your work. Many thanks for the perfect professional service. I very much liked the affordable pricing too.
Miranda Robertson


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